The Power of the Poem

There was wire chained inside me, 

Spools of lead wrapped tightly,

The weight of words drowned me.


A reticent tongue deprived my growth,

A scarred soul shut my bones.


I was a girl without outlet.


Then beneath the waves of shushed tones,

I swam to a home upon shore.


A vessel came to find me, 

Its wooden mast made pencils,

Its sails became my paper.

It drew out tacit thoughts 

Through the mouth of a girl

Gone numb. 

A thread of lead unraveled 

the whole world I had traveled.

I made pen strokes

Into motion,

Every line 

Seething emotion,

Every poem

Its own ocean. 


I grew wings

Out of shoulders,

When the words I'd chained

Were spoken. 


Such was the power 

Of a poet and her poem. 









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