The Power of a Hug

before anyone else notices


what's causing It can stop


You Know

you want to be alone

because it's That Time



your head is sculpted

from titanium,

but the helium inside

keeps you up-right.


your heart may collapse

because it's running so fast;

it's chasing your chest,

who is trying to gasp.


you begin to pace

as the tremors build

within your legs


one two three...


you are counting your steps

in an attempt to clear your eyes


thirteen fourteen fifteen...




as you surrender

your brain punches your skull

at the exaggerated rate

of your irrepressible thoughts.


while your body shrinks:

your soggy hands search

for your raw feet;

your tears clash

against your knees.


your heart takes the lead

and, though drained,

your chest tries to meet her.


your shoulders cramp

as the bottom of your feet burn

because you are belittling 

further into that corner.




it's That Time


and swiftly:


a pair of arms

squiggle around you

 to caress you


a whisper

soothes your ear

to ground you


a heartbeat

oscilates against you

to Pierce through It all


despite It's protest to give up


your eyes refusing to give in



You know

"You're Okay."

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