The power to change one thing!

We live in a world where morals don’t exist,

Where there is violence, hate and children who cut their wrist.

Where it’s “okay” to look down on others for their lack of things,

Where we prioritize objects before other human beings.

The world we live in is fabricated,

Now that’s a fact.

Given the chance to change one the in the world,

It’ll be exactly that!

No more fabricating the lies social media wants us to believe,

Let’s take a look at the internet and expose everything.

Allow people to learn from their mistakes,

No more selling dreams, feeding lies, and no more being fake.

Social media will have little girls second guessing themselves,

Seeing woman exploiting their bodies because “sex sales”.

In this world of corruption let’s show what’s true

Let’s teach our little people just what to do.

-Sky Atkins


This poem is about: 
Our world


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