Power of Belief

Fri, 10/02/2020 - 09:58 -- diyajha

I believe that good and bad fortune often come our way,

We hold the power to give it meaning and transform it into something invaluable.

If we want to change the things around us,

We must change things within us first.

These thoughts are easy and all of us know it,

It's just difficult to put in in practice.

I believe that it is nice to change with life's changing circumstances,

Even the water changes its course around pebbles and rocks.

Being passionate about the cause we believe in gives us the courage and commitment to stay on track,

Energy and excitement is extremely contagious,

It inspires other members on our team and draws people forward.

Purpose in life teaches us the value of assurance and commitment.

I believe giving my best shot to my dreams without worrying about failure.

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