The Power

She could break someone’s heart and make someone sad,
Or cause someone's smile and make someone glad


She had the power to turn night into day,

Or take black and white and turn it to grey


Her love could be shown, or hidden deep inside

Her hate could come out and the monster revive


It was a power so strong, so hard to control,

She hurt or healed others, the source was her soul


There were others like her, and some unknown,

The power was everywhere, in many hearts sewn


It was a power of evil or of goodness so loving,

It depended upon the wielder, their souls’ secrets uncov’ring


This power, so strong, could build or break,

It could save someone’s life or another one’s take


The power is speaking, our words; what we say,

A blessing or a curse? You choose the way


You need to know that you have this power,

It’s hard to take in, but you need to discover…


The truth is: it’s real, a power to break or mend,

Will you be a hero or a villain? A foe or a friend?

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