Wed, 09/03/2014 - 00:17 -- clnlua

If you depend on the love of another then who has the power?

When you say I love you just to hear it back,

What do you do when the words don’t come out of the lips you’ve kissed?

Because it will happen.

What do you do when you build yourself around a person just to see them break you down with silence.

The look of I don’t love you anymore.

Because you based your self worth off of a person you doesn’t even spend time with you.

You become broken

You gave away all your power and gave him the throne

A throne in which you rightfully belong

You forgot that you are all powerful

You don’t need someone to tell you how:

Beautiful you are

Smart you are

Valuable you are

Because you are and you should know that

But you don’t

And that’s why you gave away all the power you had left

Don’t give away anything unless you also receive

Wait until you love yourself

Before you learn to love someone else

Because once you sit on your own throne

And wear your crown of pride and self confidence

Will you be ready for someone to sit beside you 


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