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You act as if a crown lies on your head
and a gavel rests in your hand –
as if people were born
just to serve under you
and obey your every command
Reality will strip you of your illusion
– of the power that you claim to have

Men crown themselves
and make their queens into fools
While women want more respect
than what they’re willing to give
Both fight for the gavel
But it's pointless because
There is no power in gender.

Adults act like age attracts
infinite respect and wisdom
But role models become dictators
and good examples are lost
in the memories
that are crushed
in the abyss of time
Maybe age really is just a number
Therefore, there is no power in age.

Rainbows use color
to create something beautiful
People use color
to control others
They dehumanize
‘cause these human eyes
are all blinded by hate
That’s why
There is no power in race.

So what’s in a name?
Isn’t trash by any other name
just as filthy?
It’s sad that people bow down
to those with position
they aren’t on higher ground
They’re positioned on the same earth
as everyone else
With that said,
There isn’t any power in a title.

Money has faces and value
but at face value
it’s the only reason
that we do each other favors
Richness and poverty
are both illusions
that we choose to live in
So there is no power in
worthless pieces of paper.

Now do you see?
Your crown is gilded
That gavel is glass
Those robes are rags
Your money is trash
Age and life
will never last

Naked you were born
and naked you will die
You are no king
You’re just as powerless as I.


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