United States
44° 28' 10.3332" N, 93° 8' 16.1412" W
United States
44° 28' 10.3332" N, 93° 8' 16.1412" W

The funny thing about day time,
Is that when the light is brightness,
The shadows are darkest,
The funny thing about depression,
Is its absolute starkness,
The extreme in difference between happy and sad,
It's something that can drive a person absolutely mad,
I can go from laughing to sobbing in less than five seconds,
It's as if I'm scared to get better,
Because the darkness just beckons,
Suicide screams "I can end your pain!"
The drugs they have me on scream "I can keep you sane!"
The blade in my hand just calmly says "I can split that vein."
So that's what I went with,
Screw the drugs and the rope that I can tie around my neck,
The blade is my relief,
It just has that effect,
It is so calming to know that I am in control,
That I can get back some feeling from which darkness had stole,
I love the feeling it gives me,
For once I am the one with the power,
And although I might be in the bright sun,
It seems that I am in my darkest hour.


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