Potential In Disguise


As I sit in class and think, endless words stare back at me

The black ink bleeds information that I read reluctantly

Todays lesson doesnt interest me and Im tired of it

There is knowledge being taught but I dont aquire it

I want change in this classroom and I think about it all the time

Wishing somehow teachers knew what goes on in a teenage mind

Like why do we have quizzes? Why do we have test?

I may not get what you expect but I always try my best

And why are there so many subjects? I know they all go in accordance

But lets be honest with ourselves, some subjects arent really that important

For example, math is my weakness so I face it with hostility

But my grade in that class shouldn't reflect my academic ability

Formulas and equations are tricky, I guess they're alright

but thats just me, Im not really the technology type

History is my favorite, Im always eager to get to class

It fascinates me to know about all the stories in the past

like how our soldiers faught in different wars through countless days and nights

and all the things African Americans did to get equal rights

This world is a puzzle, people always set new trends

but in order to move foward we must first know where we've been

To me writing is everything it just gets my head spinning

and Ive yearned for times like these to express myself right from the beginning

This has been a passion my whole life not just another teenage phase

So I take the words Im writing more than just useless words on the page

I mean, essays are alright I because I write from day to day

but if we were graded on creativity then I would get all A's

Im not saying our classes aren't important

its just that students learn in different ways

My voice represents kids around the world so just embrace

all the information I would never ever tell you face to face

Lets be honest Mr. Teacher, what do you see when you look at me?

Just another student sitting here bored in his seat?

Believe it or not, Im a scholar with a dream who's hungry for success

and will succeed by all means

My brown skin may not come with luxury

But try not to stereotype me as just another young brotha in the streets

And if I seemed stressed at times, its not an act

its just hard sometimes carrying the weight of your family on your back

while dealing with all the evils that we face in this society

plus the struggles of life in general living as a minority

Growing up can be tough and its no doubt thats true

So think before you judge your students...

you may not know how they learn or what they've been through





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Loved this poem, really felt it. Definitely hits me hard from "And if i seem stressed at times"

All the way to the very end. Great poem overall I felt the truth and feeling behind it.

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