This is the potential breakup poem

when he tells you that he no longer loves you 
don’t cry 
(the tears are already coming)
breathe in 
(small fluttering breaths)
breathe out 
(gasping for air)
and just listen 
(even though you don’t want to}
listen while he talks about her 
(and not you, it’s no longer you)
and her lips
(your’s were always too chapped)
her eyes 
(are brillant blue and your’s are just brown) 
why she the one 
(and your a negative zero) 
and you are no longer good enough 
stare at your hands 
(the ones he use to hold) 
and wonder how this all broke apart
(we use to be good together)  
when he finally does leave 
(and he will, taking your heart with him) 
remember that this pain is just temporary 
(but it will last longer than tomorrow)
and you’ll be fine 
(that’s a lie)



Wow real words is what one needs to hear.

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