The Possibility of Impossible


How will I tell you? How will I say, what has turned my world from grey? What words do I use? What play? How will I convey? Portray, display, relay?

How do I tell you? What do I say? Do you know any good words? Should I just say what may?  

And what synonyms do I use? What antonyms? Acronyms?

Verbs? Nouns? Adjectives?

Please, how do I tell you? What do I say? How its made my world as bright as day?


And how will you listen? Will you hear my words? Or just my voice? Will you understand? Will you make that choice? Will you take my words lightly? Or hold on to them tightly?


But be gentle, for my voice is not loud. And be kind, for I’ve tried to make you proud.

And be gracious, I will stand tall. And be patient, so I can mend the fall.


So, how do I tell you? What do I say?

That she’s the biggest part of my day? How she’s made everything Okay?

How I can love in no other way?



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