A Portrait of The Atheist As A Young Catholic

Sat, 07/12/2014 - 15:50 -- s.yu94


Kneeling in the pews, I follow suit and pray.
As droning envelops 'round me like the sea,
I copy them and hide who I'm to be.
Amidst the rest, a needle in some hay.
When asked about my faith, I know not what to say.
Quickly, I recover, feign a creed;
I say I love Him with a smile they see.
They nod respectfully, then go about their day.
But yet, I lie, for I hold no belief in deity,
Pooling my convictions, I self-proclaim.
The next week, I declare the change in me.
Eyes stare, as wide as platters, devoid of glee.
They promptly leave, conclude I have no shame.
I couldn't care less. Confessed, absolved, I'm free.


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