I just Hate it when girls like me Get yelled at for making Stupid Faces 

But When the popular people do it, its cute?

Then I can make a video of My friends and I being stupid, Its ugly

But popular poeple do it and its funny?

I can post Constantly on my social media and its annoying

But popular poeple do it and god we all gotta pray cause they are amazing 

Why should girls or boys like me get put down for being us? 

When the preps are doing the same but being fake?

Why are we treated different? Its all just Labels 

You know what happens to popular people 

They grow up, get married, have kids then get a divorce. 

Then thye have to be single parent, the only one paying the bills

They have to support 3 kids, 2 dogs and themself, with not a very good paying job

They are gonna see us on T.V. or hear us on the radio 

They are gonna think why was I ever mean to them

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