Pop off


As I listen to her taunting  me 

With a daunting smile

Bickering and fighting

Like a child

She’s in my  face so is the crowd

She shouts  pop off  bitch pop off

Were close closer than close

Coming at me nose to nose eyes to eyes

And I’m about to over dose and knock her  out

Something snaps

I can see the scenario before it happens

My life in endangered

Because  my head is heavy my breathing is sketchy 

Somebody  holding me

And anger  swallowed me

Engulf  like 100 degrees

Im hot,  hot  on fire  and my eyes blazing free


People screaming hit her beat  her knock her ass out

To kick massacre knock her lights   out

Until pulverized done finish and diminished into sanders  and I wander in that  moment  I see my  future  my moments

I see her

I looked and I see her

She then in the rearview mirror

The anger I’m in danger

Because she whispering like a siren

Softly with an entity

Smother than Beethoven symphonies

Trying to lure me

Undermine me and turn me into a zombie

Dependent on her every move

Dance to her every groove

As she deadly smile then smirked

Because she knows my  hurt

She knows what makes me tick and tock

My burden  is bolder not a rock

But I am not   I repeat  I am not

Something to be trifling with

I raise my  head and I count to 5


1 the world is wide and peace is overrated

2 I’m no longer a child and I’m not something to be played with

3 think before you act because the is faded

4 I got more to live for and this aint  it 

5 I was raised better than this

  And so as I regroup I looked into my  opponents eyes

I see the mirrored lies

Pop off  pop off she said

But I walked off

I can hear boos as  I loose

But gain more I choose

To live forth because anger was  in my rear view and she lost.

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