The poor Nimo

Fri, 04/24/2015 - 10:57 -- nimo

She felt pain


people consider her a half person

no one ever fully treated her like true person

what is her origin?

some say she is horrible

others say she is midfing

she says no, she is somali

her ancestors were around before

the nomads exhausted and branded the land of somalia


she felt sorrow


others are not allowed to marry her

just because of her tribe and background

as if she is not a human being

they call her people minority

they say her ancestral father ate a dead animal

that died on its on

they consider her sub-human

because of her clan


she felt depressed


she is treated like an untouchable

so she decided to escape the place of evil

and racism people

and she moved to the place of fairness and equality

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