Poor Juliet

Wed, 09/03/2014 - 17:33 -- l.c


Why William did you betray me 
To kill my Romeo 
And slay me

Why was it your way
to give us our days
A number or two 
Way to much we went through

You sliced through Tybalt
And on my wounds
You poured salt

To banish my king
My lord of whom I sing
But these lyrics 
are made of my screams

and you sent us into 
a downward spiral 
for next came Paris
whose love went viral 

And now I lay 
in this monument 
And I must say
William you are
hell bound and sent
Wretched and bent

To toy with my life
Me, oh poor Juliet
You cut through me 
with a knife

But the pain 
Lay deeper than the blade had shown
Your pen and paper 
Through me was sown


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