Police Brutality

Hands are always in the air out of fear and not for cheerThere's so much thats been happening this yearParents sheltering children from the newsThey're in denial but we all know the truthThe story about the little boys that can't even tie his shoesThe kids from the corner store that were misunderstood The man with a wife and kids that put on the wrong shoeJust because your black they think you're from the hoodThey say it's a warning shot But they'll leave you where you once stood Reality isn't as good as it should be And this stands out to me And makes me get down to my knees I just want all the pain to go awayBut as I see this more and more The image begins to stay But one day we'll get our way And that day we'll do it right No weapons No war No knocking on police doors No more brutality We'll be proud when we seeAll that we are meant to be There's someone watching usIt's playing like a tv screen And he's not going to fall asleep He'll keep watching And you will see What turns out to be The story about our history No more misery Just what is meant to be The lord is watching and you will see Everything will connect piece by piece R.I.P to all the deceased

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This is a poem I wrote to address the Police Brutality.


It is an important topic going around that I believe should be addressed.

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