The Poison I Need To Survive


Your odor

so strong, potent, sweet, and tantalizing,

lures me in every time.

Your layers appear soft and spongy, your glaze smooth and milky.

My mouth waters,

My tongue spikes,

My lips part,

anticipating your impending pleasure.

You will caress my mouth.

Your warm innards will kiss the back of my throat and lick me all the way down.

Oh how you love me so!

Late into the night we mate.


Then suddenly your once luscious body is a carcas, covered in saliva- my saliva.

You stole my virgin lips and devoured my sanity as if it was your sole task.

I loved you and now I am sick.

I want to purge myself of you. Reject you from my body like you rejected me.

But I'm afraid to push you out of me, despite the way I feel.

Instead I take a knife and slice open my skin.

I sliced you open, too, only an hour earlier, but with a submissive motion,

encapsulated by your tantalizing beauty.

Now I slice with purpouse, I am in control.

I slice to see the red drip,

I slice to feel and not to feel.

I slice because you lied to me, you wronged me,

yet tomorrow when I wake, all pain will be forgotton.

I will again run towards you, legs wide open, awaiting your interminable, short-lived embrace.

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