Taste this. He opened his mouth

She poured into him all that he had poured into her.

An acquired taste that his taste buds could never grow used to.

He spat out what he could but it was too late.

The bitterness he sipped from the cup had already filled his system.

The sensation of agony, grief & despair overcame him.

He questioned her about the concoction she made him drink,

"just a taste of your own medicine" was all she could muster to speak.

But that alone was enough to make him think. 

He consumed her.


He drank her scent & tasted her love.


He ate from her soul until he felt he had enough. 


Somehow He grew tired of her flavor & wandered away to search for something new. 


Soon after his leaving, he found that he starved without her. 


His thirst was never quenched & his hunger never satisfied.


No other could fill his desire like her.


He found that her dopeness nourished his soul.


He stumbled until he found his way back home because he knew 

she was his kingdom,


her love was his kitchen & 


her heart was his throne.  


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My community



Antidote-Love is such a rare poison that with the same poison the disease is cured...


Deep & true ❤️

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