Poetry is What Lies at the Core

during times of intense emotion-
emotions spanning the widest of spectrums-
wether a joy so lofty,
that spiritual ecstasy known to Rumi,
and all mystics...
or the Greek's wisdom,
the poet-king Netzacoatl proclaiming his truths-
and ancient poets praising beauty and virtue...
But then, sorrow too-
lines written on the walls at Angel Island
and Armando Valladares, Cuban political prisoner,
writing with his own blood...

Always, historically, repeatedly
in times like these,
good and bad-
we have reached for poetry...
It is a singing in the darkness
spoken of by Bertold Brecht.

And words become both an affirmation
and validation-
a bearing witness...
Stripped as we are
poetry is what lies at the core-
that magical mingling of,
memory, imagination and hope.

This poem is about: 
Our world


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