Poetry; My Secondary Language

You know

We’ve been faced with assignments in middle school

Dealing with subjects like

Reading, Math, history

And writing too

In writing you were tasked with creating something with the following tools:

A paper and pen or pencil

With them you constructed ideas with each stroke

Of the writing utensil

But they were based on certain

Guidelines and principles

College is about the same

It has classes that focus on these subjects

But the game has changed

Your mind is put to the test more

Challenging your skills and pushing you to explore

The possibilities

of what

Your memories,

emotions and language

Could take you

Lately in my creative writing class

This has happened more frequently

I don’t just write and then submit my work

I look over and edit

As many times as it takes

Until I find satisfaction with my poetry

To me my poetry is not just handed in

For me, I shared a piece of myself with

Not just my professor

But my classmates as well

It’s not the average “Show and Tell”

Rather, You’re opening a book that reflects

parts of my life

That some rarely know about

Or have seen

Since I’ve taking this course

I am more determined than ever

to continue to not only write

But also communicate to you all

Things that I can’t  easily make vocal


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