Tue, 06/25/2013 - 15:29 -- Tyrie5


Poetry is the new way of life

And culture is now the virtue

It speaks for those who cannot speak


But typically

It targets the ones who perfom to a specific beat.

Poetry is love

And love runs deep down in me

But if you take it away 

Then there is no you

There is no me

And most importantly

There is no poetry.

Poetry is my heart

Each beat is like a new line

A new breath i can call mine

A new beginning to an end

And a new age in time.

Poetry is like air

Everyone has a chance to breathe it

Some of us found other interest

Like dancing. drawing, and singing

But for most of us poetry is really needed.

Poetry expresses what is unheard

Silent cries held in

Makes the loudest noises

When written in pen

Carefully thought of

And skillfully written out

Poetry without words

Is like a mime that talks.

Vice Versa

Did you see what i stated right there

Poetry indeed can speak 

Without consuming air

Just show your love for the art

And you're already off to a poetic start.

Poetry is known all over the world

It's for all shapes, sizes, and colors

It's no longer preferably for a girl

It's known to put the spin on the universe

And it's also used to quench a poets thirst.

Everything i just said is what poetry means to me

But i'll be honest

I cannot lie

If ever asked personally

What poetry means to me?

Then i wouldnt know where to start

Because there's a million and one reasons for what poetry means to me!!



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