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I look up and down every hallway of my life
and I see them lurking in the shadows
As I sit in the light.
And wait for them to disappear so I can hear myself think,
But they stay, trying to draw me near.
They scream for no reason and dig holes in my brain
with their words that just drive me insane.
They bring me up to tear me down
or even sometimes the other way around.
They think it’s right, smart, funny, but it’s not.
Can they see it just hurts me?
To be ridiculed under the masks that they put on their face.
While I see the truth that lies just underneath
“She said this about him and she looked just like that”
I know that they hate me and yet they still act
Plastics just moving like yoyo’s on strings.
On leash like a dog
Like a clone, just a thing
That disgusts me.
I’m a sheep in a penthouse of lions you see
And with them baring teeth
I can never be me.
So as I sit here waiting for something to change.
I know in the end it will all stay the same.


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