poems for US

I don't want to be HEARD.

I want thee to listen.


What I say is not for me.

What I say is for US.


I speak tenderly,

Hoping you'll catch UP.


Our voices are the most important,

As we are nothing less of GODS.


But to be HEARD is shameful, 

Because there is no response.


Take this word from one God to another

And let it sit deep with you:


Never turn from the Almighty,

He has plans for you.


They tried to hold us back and STILL we are fighting, 

Look around for the clues...


Striking back ferocious as lightning,

and paying no mind to the "NEWS"


We ARE Gods.

See they're intimidated?


They've seen our POWER since the beginning!!

Yet they make-believe we are nothing.


Love your afro,

Love your kinks

Love the skin that never sinks.

Love your body,

Love your shape

Love yourself for Heaven's sake.



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