The Poem She Can Never Read

Wed, 05/24/2017 - 09:33 -- Neftee

This night i almost feel alone again.

My heavy work shoes are like prisons for my soles.

Just like this Building is a prison for my soul.

Far away from the mate to my soul, sleeping in her bed.

Her eyes are closed, but her hands are closed too.

They grip my heart like a noose would do.


Loving bars to cage my heart.

She Holds it back from the slew of woman and adventures.

She keeps me trapped in the motions of life,

and she doesn't even know it. She can never know it.

I was a broken man when i met her.

Broke but a man. A man free from this system of lies.


I only want one girl. I have never wanted more.

My darling is a sweetheart. She truly is my world.

But in my shift of work i sit in the corners of my mind.

I stare inside the blackness and I'm terrified to find

That i would leave this place, the world, it all.

I would leave and be a monk, a bum, a bard.

Id roll into town in my car and work a week.

move to the next one before they caged me.

I would be a man, a broken man, but a free one.


The poem she can never read.

I love her. I cant ever leave.

I want nothing more then to be her man.

But sometimes it seems.

That i should run away, would she go with me?






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