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poems i write is free like colored people fighting for their rights in destroying segregation
the freedom of my thoughts is more powerful than the hulk annihilating abomination
writing my ideas will captivate the audience as if they are watching a movie and show appreciation
exercising the ability is tell a story is more authentic than jerseys being printed out by nike
words that i use is wiser than an elderly passing the torch to her own child
passion that comes out of mouth is more genuine than a fake commercial ads that sell lies
no one have the right to disregard my readings, just exercising my power of the first amendments
thoughts of what i preach will feel like i'm recreating the ten commandments
its not about being religious, they have their own battles to fight which rages on like the war in the middle east
my poems are so heartfelt that people shed tears, not because they are left in anguish, but release that demon that attempted to seek and destroy a person's spirit
words i say is to uplift a person's spirit, challenge the mind, overcome adversity, standing up to a bully in whom is trying to scar your soul
my poem is a movement like Dr. King's march to withstand racism
my poem is a movement like Taino Indians fought back against discrimination
everyday i fight a war in which the words i protrude (to some) belongs in jail call incarceration
if i committed a crime, then arrest me because all i did is display my P.O.E.M in which I am the Poet Of Eclectic Masterpieces

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You just dont stop...and dont stop...snap snap snap

MVP-Most Valuable Poet

i don't stop
i'm not going to stop
i won't ever stop
ty 4 your love and support
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