Poem for my Ancestors

As I look in the mirror and smile at my face

I can't help but wonder where I got these traits

Who was the one to give me my skin?

Who gave me the nose that breathes in?

What was your name?

Where were you from?

What obstacles did you overcome?

Were you once a ruler? An African queen?

Where you an artist

Could you dance or sing?

You were the one that live through the chains

Survived oppression and the Jim Crow reign 

Oh how I wish I could've known who you were

I know you were strong and wise

Or at least that's what I infer

I know that your blood does run through my veins

And I know that from you I get my surname

Generation after generation

We've sure come a long way

And I hope that I'll get to meet you soon or someday

But for now I'll just keep doing what is right

Because I know how hard your generation had to fight

For the benefits that we ahve today

And I don't want you to think that we're throwing it all away

And I sit here finishing this poem today

I dedicate this to you and I just want to say hey


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