Poem for Lucy

I write in gray

No hands when I drive

Blur my eyes until streetlights

And stars look alike


I take the long road home

To breathe and clear my mind

It's hard to fall asleep 

In the sunlight


Crashed into a stone wall

But I left my spraypaint behind

'Cause I was here no matter what

Don't need to mark it mine


The streets will always remember me

The wind will whisper blame

And the world will forget I existed

They'll never know my name


I know that life's awaiting me

And you're watching me from far away

Does the train still stop in the city?

Or are we walking there today?


Home found and Northern bound

When the plane takes off, it snows

The ants and cars will wave

But now you've got to go


I want you to hear my words

But it's too hard to get them out

I can't be in love with you

When I'm devoted to the sweet New York sounds


Nobody knows I dream about it

When I lie awake at night

While you decide from up above

The lights don't seem that bright


And what my pen puts down is my life

I don't want to give it away

But when I look around the city

I know they need to know what I have to say


So you've disappeared from this world

And I've gone off to stray

But I'd give anything

To carry on and on and on the same way


The stars await, but it's the day

I won't pretend to see them

But maybe one day I can hold your hand

And we can ride away again

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