Poem for Justice

Justice for all?
Damn near justice for none!
People die everyday,
Because the world can't control their guns
Innocent people die in vain.
If the police do a crime,
Is it ok?
They are suppose to set an example!
If a citizen does a crime,
Is it ok? Is it acceptable?
Do we really have to get arrested?
Cops kill people that seem like a threat.
An innocent person,
An innocent child dies,
Because cops are on some dumb shit!
They feel as though,
Since they're white or the "law"
They can get away with shit!!
If every arrogant bastard did that
Then we might as well
segregate the world
And bring the KKK back.
If we was on that racist bullshit,
Martin Luther King's dream
Will go down the drain
And the Constitution "establish justice,"
Will now become disdain.
Freedom at last?
More like freedom has past.
Where is the justice we deserve?!
If we keep this up,
We will become,
"land of the coward
and home of the asses"
Or "home of the bastards,
That shoot you on the spot
And dont give a damn whos watching!"
Teens die without getting there justice,
And im not talking about,
The asshole teens who gangbang,
But the ones where they're all
Set for school on monday
And get shot in the head
Before the next morning!
If the govenmrnt is all about education,
Then why are we getting shot
By their racist?!
Where is our justice?
Should we just forget about it
And move on?
I cant sit here
And let our justice be taken
While those assholes
Are getting away with murder!!
Im sorry mike
Your justice havent been served.
I pray to god
Those sick bastards get what they deserve!
No family should suffer from their lost
Like they do.
Justice will come,
For those who lost it all.

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