A Poem About the Loss of Love

"All this time I thought, all this time I thought things could be fixed, like that time I broke the door open with my fist. Left a hole in the wood, splinters on my skin, was bleeding from the knuckles, felt the pain set in. But why would you come back? Why would you promise not to leave again? Why say it without meaning? Would you ever try to fix the fucking feeling?

Maybe she'll open her eyes, maybe she'll come back again- again, maybe I'll move on, maybe I'll get better. If not today or not tomorrow, or next week, I'm no quitter. I just know I have to keep going, I just know I can't give up, I just know this is my pain and enough's enough. Close those pretty little green eyes, bite those pretty little lips of yours, look me in the eyes and say "I don't love you anymore". Wrap your arms around my waist, or wrap your hands around my neck, make sure you squeeze tightly, love. You take my breath away.

I just never thought I would...

I just never thought I would...

I just never thought I would...

I just never thought I would, slip through the cracks you left underneath the floor."

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