Please Teachers!


Teachers! Why not engage?

Maybe that will change

How us as students interact

to your lesson plans and stats


Let's change how things are done

You know, Lessons that are more interesting and fun

One's that get us thinking

Instead of slowly sinking in our desks


"Are you talking back?"

Actually no I'm just trying to state MY facts.

I'm not trying to disrespect

But to fix misunderstandings that you feel were a threat 


THIS! is what i want to say but cant

But hopefully these changes will be given a chance


-Chyna Jackson

Grade 12



My favorite part was the stanza about talking back. I an pretty sure that every student has experienced that line from a teacher but our point can never be made. They always believe we're talking back when in actuality it could be something so simple. So, i like that part because its one of the simpler difficulties that are similar amoung all students.

The Masked Poet

Keep writing your saying what alot of students feel

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