Please, Stay. Please, Go

I know you exist.
Please, drop this pretense.
I feel my heart beat,
Out from beneath my feet.
I jump from my skin,
You would be such a sweet,
You held me
To your chest.
While we shivered in the snow,
Beneath the stars,
We knew it wasn't best.
Yet, still only the moon knows,
Your lips,
When they touched mine.
Fire erupted from my soul,
I was consumed,
no longer existed
And neither did you.
Neither did the world.
We never spoke when your warmth left me.
That night,
I went home shaking.
Seven days past,
I went home.
You'd change your mind.
Love me.
Please, stay.
You have my heart in a bind
But it won't be.
It continues to bleed.
Months past and I fell,
Into bed,
Into your warmth once more.
My first.
You shook me to my core,
We go on,
You find another
To spill your secrets to.
I was never yours.
You broke my soul.
I fell
Spiral down,
Beneath the sunshine,
I found
My final bind.
Still you come back.
Seeking me.
Feeling me.
I know your fact.
Vulnerability is your weakness.
I'll let it be
Because it's not mine.
I loved you,
I want to be kind.
Your warmth isn't hard to find.
I suppose I get in line.
For use,
And abuse,
This time
Follow your voice.
Make a sure choice.
This time listen
To my voice
I've made my choice.

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