Please, Forgive Me

Fri, 10/12/2012 - 00:29 -- A-C-4


United States
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Mom, if I said we need to talk
Would you stop and listen to me,
Or would you just blow me off.
If I told you it was important,
Would you believe me?
Or say that I'm exaggerating.
If I told you the truth,
Would you hate me?
Would you get angry at me?
Would you disown me?
I don't know how you would react,
That is why I'm worried.
That is why I'm afraid.
You're reaction,
Unknown to me,
Frightens me,
For the many possible routes it could take.
All I ask,
Is for you to forgive me,
You're anger though not loud,
Is hurtful;
You're disappointment,
Is heavy,
And it is hard for me to breathe,
When it is all focused on me.
So please,
Do not judge me;
Try to understand;
Forgive me.


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