Please don't hurt me anymore!

A day taking degenerative disease

Unlucky state only meant to displease A forced upon environment not meant for childrenUnwanted hate and cruelty is going to kill them The outcast yes the unlucky few You saw them get hurt and didn't care yes they knew Say one thing to your face next day it's a lieI'll give you some truth you make them want to die It's a crime you commit everydayYou tear the down with those wicked words you say It's socially acceptable to commit genocideThat's all this is it's the facts you can't hide Separated, segregated, bullied, and teased The horrible way you treat people must make you quite pleased Sleeping soundly with no nightmares aroundStimuli are to real saviors that are no where to be found You wake up and smile occasionally sigh I fall asleep drowning as I cry

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Our world


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