You may not know now, All the things that I am, Or the love I hold for you,

But I guess it's okay, If you don't want to talk or shit,

Because you have most likely moved on, Because I am not worth the time,

Or the effort that you once put into this love of ours,

Or maybe you just don't understand that every second apart,

Is another bullet in my heart, Or maybe you just don't give a flying fuck,

About someone who loved you just as much, About someone,

Who still has that love note, And that tiger,

And the sweet card that said you loved me, And I still have the bunny,

And I still have your picture, And I know that,

The way we fell hurt you as bad as it hurt me, But what you don't understand is,

When I let you go, I was falling further and further, And then Bam,

I hit the ground, The issues I have finally proclaimed themselves,

And now I want you to know that, I fucking hate you so much it hurts,

But I love you to the point where I want to die because I don't have you,

and you know that, I don't know how long I can last without you here with me,

I can't stand myself, I hate myself, And people all call me out, Saying that I am,

Beautiful, I am, Amazing, I am, Better then everyone else, But I can't see this shit,

Because that is an issue I have, Im depressed, Im fucking crazy too,

But most of all, I need to know, That you love me enough,

Enough to help me back up.

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