Thu, 05/09/2013 - 18:31 -- fmoore

Please someone hear my cry!
Right now I just want to die
I've tried everything I could
Even to remember how tall I once stood
It didn't help at all and I don't think I can go on
Feels like I can't even make it
Till dawn
I need you to hear me... to hold me
I have lost hope and the future I can't
I walk into school... Put on a smile
Laugh & joke with "friends"... go the extra mile
But when I go home, the act I can't seem to keep
So that night, I cry myself to sleep
I want to break this cycle of hell
But to do that I'd have to tell
That's hard for me cuz I can't trust,
Even though I'm told that I must,
For fear that everything will backfire
And then, I'll just be known as "the liar"
Please help me to see
That this is where I'm meant
To be
Please help me before it's too late,
Or maybe; just maybe,
This hell is my fate...


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