Playing Football Was The Cause


United States
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Playing football was the cause
Ligaments stretched in my knee
So during baseball season I had to pause
I didn’t wait long enough and that was key.

Hit a double and that was trouble
I broke down at second
Something tweaked and I began to stumble
At that instance my thoughts were darkened.

A Magnetic Resonance Imaging was done
Doctor said results would take a week
I knew my knee was weak
But still I prayed to the almighty man.

A week passed by
The doctor said it was my ACL
All I wanted to do was cry
I looked up to the sky and asked why?

Now I’m here the day before surgery
Thinking why did it have to happen to me
But I know I won’t be scared and scurry
Because I know this happened for a reason.


MVP-Most Valuable Poet

and never allow injuries to slow you down
traiin and commit to getting back out on the gridiron
great poem-keep writing

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