Playing With Flames


It's appalling how I crave you

Behave for you, when I said I'd wait..

A second, you caught my breath

Fog my mind, steal my time, hold me arrest.

My body.. can't say you know my heart

More than you know the feeling of the space that we're apart.

Chemical madness, boiling, drawing me close.

Building walls, only to clim them when I need you the most.

I play games with control and controlled.

 Pass you the controller when I'm in your hold.

I come back to my sense,

sensing the moment I've lost sight.

Scented kisses so sensual,

kissing flames without heat's bite.

Then I'm bit with regret.

Probably should've put up a fight.

Delusions when you're wrong

But still wish that you were right.



There are one or two typos that can be easily corrected by a once over, but I do want to express this poem was very real, very strong, and very powerful. I loved it very much. It spoke to me because of how beautiful you can see it was, how strong and passionate you had thought, and then the moment it had changed when you started to regret, and all that was perceived is tainted with this feeling now, despite how beautiful it had been then. It's a kick in the gut. Thank you so much for sharing this with the community, I'm so happy I came across it.


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