Plastic Shadows

Plastic Shadows

Fake lies

Screams that slowly die,

But where do I come into play?

Oh, I remember now -

The blood rolling down my sleeve...

Flashbacks of being shoved

-like a ragdoll.

Meaningless. Foolish. Worthless.

Those words bury deeply within me

I choke and I can no longer breathe.

I ty to fight back

But you laugh - they laugh...

Everyone laughs.


School is not the only hell -

Siblings tackle me with words

Fierce and bright -

Like flames.

They burn my skin, but I still feel the same.

Behind closed doors,

No one knows for sure.

I think and dream

Of a day to escape,

Can you imagine where I may end up?

Or do I have to spell it out for you?

In the sky -

Away from here,

But somewhere close to the water,

So I can drown my tears.


I can't run to Facebook..

No, that is worse -

More Plastic Shadows scrape me

Laughter and memes of my day.

The one I tried to forget, 

But it is displayed.


How much longer will I cry?

Am I inhuman?

An animal?

Should I disguise myself?

No- wait


Shh - do you hear that?

Drip. Drip.

My tears on my keyboard;

Like animal blood sliding out 

Of a broken bath tub.


How much longer?

Plastic Shadows,

Illuminating over me like masks.

Everyday is a cloudy day

Until those disguises are trashed.

Leave me alone.

Let me disappear into the cloud -

The cloud of Silence.

Watch the Plastic Shadows mock me,

What will you do?

Fear consumes you -

You bystand for the fear...

The fear of being caught in a knot,

But as you bystand,

I am in a tighter knot than anyone will ever fear.

I clutch my books, 

Hide in the library,

And watch you blend in 

With the Plastic Shadows.

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