The Planets Collide

Everyone knows the order of the planets, but would you know them “backwards” yeah, yeah, yeah, you all say together as a class... then when the teacher turns his back, the real side comes out... one, two, three like clockwork...he sits and stares hunched a little fiddling with his pencil, laughing with the guys... I sit, day after day, just watching him, but always knew how to hide it... then and now I get caught almost... one day he turns around to face me, smiling saying “Hi I’m Rosley nice to meet you” holding his hand out, I take it shyly and say “ Hi Rosley, I’m Elizabeth, future Queen...of England...ha, ha, ha!” He laughs and so does everyone else... he gets beet red and turns around... ‘Omg, what did I just say oh God what is wrong with me, I’ll never get to talk to him...’ I look elsewhere, looking right at my arch enemie, biggest lesbian with her girlfriend, also big lesbian....always together and holding hands... well my life is ruined... the bell rings and everyone gets up, and I walk right into Rosley... “oh god sorry, I must say your quite the comedian, don’t worry I was worse... not that your worse, I mean you know look I gotta go please take care, see you at home...oh god bye... Rosley runs covering his pants... well there you have it he’s a stocker... well what will I tell dad, oh dad a new crush and he watches me at home... I can’t even fathom what he would say... oh well job well done... no more like he’ll be marrying you...oh God high school relationship turned newlyweds... God and mom... that night, I was in my room, on my bed, listening to music, I heard something outside my sounded like they were singing along... I went to the window, and sawRosley... he said “hi queen of England... what is hanging homie... uh I’m a little hung out... can I come up... I stared right at him, smiled and said to myself it’s about time... I yell and say ok Rosley you have my permission... he stared and said really...well I’ve got a boner the size of Texas, and I see your tits and underwear... I laughed and said well... he ran right to her door, knocked and dad opened the door, said, she’s upstairs... Rosley said thank you... Dad said honey a guy for Elizabeth... she said ok... he ran straight up those steps, right into my room, and jumped right on me, and boy did he get wet, and horny...we ended up...having sex, I had never had such a powerful pusher and passionate lover... I woke up the next day...pregnant... the rest before we found each other, he dressed up... then one day God brought us together again... THE END...m

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