Plan b

Have something to fall back on keep your lawn mowed your grass green when you get older you will see what I mean . Plan b will bring you safety and security you won't have to fear the unknown cover is blown studies have shown a life of passion is where it's at pick up the ball pick up the bat the answer is under your hat . All you have to do is choose without that thought you will certainly loose.  Plan b for me a life of therapy and mind draining work . Looking from the outside in wondering what could have been. But at least I have a job right? sure my soul and spirit don't want to hear it . And of course I have little money and don't forget about deficit mind set and tendency towards lack or even believing I won't ever get on track. Oh the list could go on and on because I could do victim laying on my back . So you too could have this life .plan b is sure to provide you with years of doubt and misery . I tried to make it work for me. But i should have known it just wasn't meant to be....... .

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