In Plain Sight

Thu, 10/16/2014 - 00:35 -- EmberB


 A girl wears an invisible cloak
She feels hidden but she's still seen at most
She knows that they know
How weak she has shown
She was strong, courageous, daring
Though throughout the years she was breaking
Her mind has had her shaking
The true perceptions, disillusioned, had her fearing
Thinking people were monsters, was too overbearing
As the invisible cloak deteriorates
She teaches herself to heal her ache
Having no excuse to hide
Teaches herself how to fight
Slowly becoming strong, courageous, daring
Paying attention to the people worth caring
Her mind becomes her friend
Her hidden old self, flowing to its end
The truth of her begins to reveal
Even if she still hides behind an invisible veil


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