Plain Noodles

What did I say? did I mean it that way?  I'm forgetting something  tell me please  before I start remembering The pain to me is numbing  and I didn't mind forgetting  but the memories are bringing back  the reasons for forgetting  even though I said that I'd forgive  but never would forget  your face is finally melting  and when I see it hurts me  I am tired of letting pain  be the reason I allow these things  I want to remember dearly  even though it strains away  the water to the noodles  let them cool and add the seasoning  and sauces for better taste  wouldn't want them bland  sometimes I eat plain noodles  to remind me who I am  why should they be flavored?  what does it really change?  they take the same route anyway  there isn't much to fix  and I'm forgetting once again  what was I saying next? I guess I'll start again and see  if I remember this  what did I say?  did I mean it that way?  I'm starting to regret  not that I didn't have my doubts  or pains or frowns  or some regrets  but I don't want a revenge  or a reason to relapse upon  the fact that I'm brand new at dawn  forget what you did yesterday  and let my life keep moving on  beside you anyway I hold your hand through everything I kept you out of trouble  made you smile  made your fears all melt away  but so did I  just like the butter on the noodles wait until the water boils  don't forget to stir  so they don't stick to the pot  when the metals hot  that makes the noodles burn  am I stuck to the bottom?  I don't think that you've stirred  not like it matters  the popcorn is on the fridge or we can go without food like yesterday  I guess it's time for bed I'll lay down  I'm your pillow right? turn off the light and join me  just let me sleep tonight  when you stay up late it is haunting  when I stay up late remembering  the movies you were watching  and the laugh you had at 5am  we have school in 3 hours  I yelled at you to turn it off  then I get up to shower  sometimes the water won't heat up  and sometimes we don't have power  I remember when they shut it off  but you still don't remember That I was there Plain noodles

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