Plain and simple

Fri, 12/26/2014 - 12:34 -- schioda


This world... full of fakes.

                 Who is real?

                                          Who is putting on a facade?

Everyone is acting like someone else.

                       But me, not me.

                                          I'm plain and simply myself.

Somtimes I don't put make up on for days.

                                                           Some mornings  I don't brush my hair.

                                                     It's okay to be a mess sometimes.

We are human.

                                         Plain and simple humans.

                                                        Show everyone who you really are.

Start a new trend.


                                                  That sure has a nice ring to it.

Be yourself.

                                       Everbody else i taken.

                                                  Be plain and simply yourself.

Plain and simple


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