Sun, 05/05/2013 - 18:29 -- Dana


United States
42° 15' 39.3876" N, 85° 36' 45.5328" W

There was a time I thought there’d be
A little thing called you and me
And now I try and you don’t care
But I can still feel something there
You haunt my mind every day
You plague my dreams but you won’t stay
I wish I could make you go away
But you’re in my heart, and you’re here to stay
There was a time I thought you’d need
Something other than your greed
But now you won’t even look at me
I guess I don’t measure to your vanity
Thoughts of you weigh heavy on my mind
Unlike the empty space next to me you left behind
No trace of me resides in your head
While I lie awake, alone in my bed
Wanting yet despairing the descent into sleep
You are mine in my dreams, but not mine to keep
Day upon day I wish for you near
But you will obviously never be here
Your outlook on me is so not the same
But, I love you. It’s simple. And you are to blame.


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