piping the "f" bomb


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last poem i wrote dropping the "f " bomb, i started out by saying what the fuck right
this time around i'll start off by just saying fuck
there is more rampant shootings in nyc where one has to squat like a duck
too many women spitting out kids worse than a grown man asking his mom for a buck
people who dress and act dirty like a farm boy name huck
start making moves and stop asking for a miracle and luck
people still running away from a crime scene in a suv truck
individuals who are stagnant and comfortable remain to be stuck
did i still pipe more "f" bombs than the war of 1812?
of course i did, fuck and its 2012

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With this poem, you not only allude to one of your other poems, but you tell a story while keeping the same rhyme scheme throughout. I felt it almost read like a rap song. Great use of rhyme and rhythm.

MVP-Most Valuable Poet

appreciate your insight
this poem was a part 2 to dropping the "f" bomb
its an expression on what i feel and sense
check out my other poems i wrote and upcoming pieces

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