Pills and Potions


  Pills and potions Yes, we are overdosing On magazines full of computer-generated women Perfect skin, blemish free, and perfect figures Their waists symmetrically curved in at forty-five degree angles Their eyes smoked with seduction Their lips glossed with desire And stoic expressions contradicting painted, blushing cheeks Pills and potions Quite so, we are overdosing On the fading fads, the quick diets, crash diets The abs workouts, buttock workouts, and full body death dances Starving ourselves when hunger roars Trying to look hot with the hairs on our necks standing attention The only hairs left on our bodies Pills and potions Stop overdosing On the cosmetic aspect of “beauty” The silicon breasts you were not born with The tote of make-up for your daily art project The constant intake of cleanses and capsules Pills and potions No more overdosing You are not like the computer-generated woman But please, Continue to love you    


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