Pictures of My Heart

I packed a bag for a perfect day,

Of course my mind's camera also came,

So many things for my eyes to glean,

Especially when you're in range to be seen


Your head tilts back in the wind,

Your eyes alive with the sights and smells of summer,

My eyelids blink,

My shutters open,

There’s today’s first picture,


Your beaming face,

Next, you’re diving for a frisbee,

And I’m running too,

Each moment another still frame,

Capturing my heart, capturing you,

You’re up and over swinging from branch to branch,


Lithe, strong, alive, and free, but I’ve got you in my sights,

You’re leaping-

You’re running-

You’re holding me-

And you’re absolutely wonderful.

And my eyes are blinking fast,


Capture the moment, Kodak of my mind,

Capture the day, capture the love.

Capture the rush- the spin- the tranquility

And remember, remember

How love dizzies me,


As I lay down at night,

I play back the frames in my head,

Play back this day and many others,

Oh, how I love to focus in on your face,

So many moments of invisible film,

Flashing before my eyes,

Each new picture of you,

My one, my only muse,

Oh how I love you <3


You’re the focus of my lens,

The beat in my heart,

The simply wondrous, man that you are,

When I look at you, I see all the stars!


Oh how beautiful a roll we make,

All my days with you saved in my brain,


A thousand lights,

A field of flowery gold,

Crystals on the ceiling,

Crescent moon in the sky,

And you’re the only picture I want to take.


So come here let me hold you,

And wrap you in my embrace,

Right here in your arms,

Of all the world, it’s my favorite place


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