Picture Perfect Pixels

I am full of hormones, emotions, and fears.

I’ve hidden behind a mask for years.


Not a literal mask, like the one Phantom wore

But a more subtle one—that made me seem adored.


It wasn’t obvious to others I had it,

My mask was covered, like concealer hides a big fat zit.


But I’ve realized how as I’ve gotten older,

These flaws I used to hide have made me bolder.


Makeup: brushes, powders, scents, color

Are all used to get that "one true lover.”


I never wanted to show the world who I really was,

Because according to them, I was never enough.


Photos, photos streaming here and there

Social media isn’t just online—it’s everywhere!


There’s really no escaping the digital impact that’s been formed

During the century when technology at your fingertips was born.


As we scroll though these online sites,

We become obsessed with the form of beauty that’s “right.”


And that affected me to the point that I would only go out

Looking no less than best, my flaws wouldn’t be found.


I struggle with acne and marks on my face

I’m just really awkward and not that full of grace.


But I’ve tried time and time again

To make myself appear everything I’ve never been.


I utilized and scrutinized the pixels of each image I took

My eyes glazed over with an eternal look.


Adding filters and effects was a fun thing to do,

Because it made me look like a “cooler” Ruth.


However when all those things are taken away,

There’s a difference—like night and day.


I don’t look as great as my pictures show

My hair gets tangly and frizzy; I’m conscious of my nose.


But in real life, I know that inner qualities stand out

It’s just hard to fully realize that when I’m full of insecurity and doubt.


At the end of the day all that matters is

How I perceive myself and feel comfy in my own skin.


I think that the world needs to re-evaluate and re-group

Images we see online aren’t always full of truth.


People need to be more acceptant of what they truly look like

And take off the mask they’ve been hiding behind.


Let’s become more embracing of the flaws in ourselves we see,

Because that’s when we’ll really consider ourselves pretty.

This poem is about: 
Our world


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