The phone that doesn't ring

I look at my phone and notice one thing

It never rings, 
not a soul is checking on me, 
And I return the favor, 
Am I being selfish
With all of my beliefs 
And my strong faith in God 
I still can't find myself following those lines, 
Could it be my inhumane ways
And my slight immaturity 
Or maybe it's my pride 
Something that's considered a strength 
When in all reality it's the biggest weakness. 
Shielded by my convincing thoughts
That if I keep my line open
I'm doing no wrong, 
Who's to say it's amiss 
But tomorrow isn't promised
So let me say this, 
To all who feel unloved, and neglected 
I don't mean to be distant, 
The love is still mutual 
And I keep you in my prayers,
I've been getting myself together,
Because I see brighter days, 
And seems that Maybe God didn't paint you in that picture,
Right next to me. 
Still there's no love lost 
No hard feelings 
I look at the phone that doesn't ring 
But does that make my not picking up the phone any better.
Maybe not. 
Because Pride can only take you but so far.
This poem is about: 
My family
Our world


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